Exquisite in every detail

Stunning Blue Tourmaline from Afghanistan – Cut – Emerald Brilliant, Weight – 1.07carats –

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Creating a piece of customized jewellery art

Antique diamonds set in band: I am really happy with this one.  The antique cut diamonds set in band really compliment the center cushion cut.

Gent wedding band: Recently made this gent’s wedding band using customer’s part green/golden yellow Queensland sapphire. Refreshing to see gemstones used in men wedding bands!

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Claws for setting jewellery

Jewellery claw replacement

Ever wondered how your jeweller replaces the claws on your setting? Settings need to be maintained over time, be sure to have them checked otherwise it can be an expensive exercise replacing gemstones or diamonds.

Diamonds and the 4 C’s

cut diamond, diamond clarity, diamond colour


 The 4Cs are the key characteristics of diamonds: carat, cut, colour and clarity



Cut is perhaps the most important of the four Cs, so it is important to understand how this quality affects the properties and values of a diamond.

Nothing is more important to the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond than its cut, as it is responsible for around 40% of a diamond’s price. (more…)