At Designer Jeweller Mackay we offer professional services such as handcrafted jewellery designed and finished for any occasion. All work is done on site here in Mackay Queensland


  • Individual Design Service – Creating customized handcrafted jewellery, designed and finished for any occasion. All of our creations will be a unique piece of art which will be second to none. We are renowned for the creativity applied to our designs and the exquisite materials chosen. We do not compromise on craftmanship nor on individuality of creation or on material quality.
  • Engagement & Wedding Ring Design – We specialize in the manufacture and design of engagement and wedding bands for that precious person in your life. Our craftsmanship is of the highest standard and for the most discerning taste. Our diamonds and coloured gemstones are individually selected. Our jewellery craftsman will then design and make each piece individually just for you.
  • Remodeling/Repair of Existing Jewellery – Every piece of jewellery has its history. Revive the history of your precious piece! We re-model, repair and restore your existing jewellery items to their original condition or remodel them to a fresh new design.
  • Antique Jewellery Restoration – A humble servant to craftmanship and the trade we have the know-how and the expertise to restore even the most antique jewellery. Call us for an appointment to find out what we can do for you.
  • Diamond & Gemstone Supplier – A well-trading diamond and gemstone supplier, we can source and supply all the precious stones required for a unique handcrafted masterpiece which will be second to none. We create most stunning jewellery art with diamonds, gemstones and various types of precious metals, such as those listed below:

Types of metal fabrication

Gold – Platinum – Palladium – Sterling Silver – Argentium Silver – Titanium